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sexy screen names

My favourite section! The sexiest nicknames around all sexed up and waiting for you to try them out on your MySpace, MSN, AIM or whatever else you fancy!
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kiss your womans ass
Im (name)'s HoT ChiCk ;)
Dont be a loner cover ur boner!
x<3x To the world u maybe 1 person, but 2 1 perosn u maybe the world x<3x
()Watch Me drop drop shake it For Tha Fellaz Who Know()
o'._.i eike dem b0ys._.'o
PiSs PoO MoUnTaIn DeW I WaNnA GeT iN BeD WiT YeW
(8) You Are The Perfect Drug (8)
I love the way u luk at me. I Feel The Pain U Place Inside. U Lock Me Up Inside Ya Dirty Cage, Well Im Alone Inside My Mind :(
Take Off Ur Clothes Gal (Come on b a Pal :P) Slip Em Off Baby (Dammit I thurt u were a Lady!!)
A Flaming Tiger, A Horny Bear, An Erotic Monkey, Your Underwear Its Wats On Ur Outside, It Shows Baby :P
:PA Leather Suit, Whip, One Large Ring, And One Wild Pussy - I Want 2 B A Lion Tamer!! :P

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